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February 28, 2020

Albert D. Lopez  Vice President of Origination - Albert Lopez currently serves as the Vice President of Origination for ManufacturedHome.Loan and has been in the mortgage industry for 15‐year where he began his career as a loan officer.  Albert has always been entrepreneurial and opened his own mortgage brokerage in 2006. ManufacturedHome.Loan was previously also a brokerage that he owned and operated until it was recently sold to American Financial Resources, Inc. in July of 2019 and now operates as the retail division of the Company.  ManufactureHome.Loan is a niche lender servicing the manufactured housing industry and specializes in both real property and personal property (chattel) financing.  Albert has been a licensed mortgage broker since 2007 and a licensed real estate broker since 2009. As a business generalist, Albert is a forward‐thinker and an effective operator as he understands all aspects of business and can identify and implement strategies and tactics that create value for organizations. Possibly his greatest strength is leadership and team building skills as Albert believes business is all about teamwork and causing others greatness. Aside from work, Albert enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, and taking in as well as playing sports.

Real Estate Leasing: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

February 21, 2020

Find out what leasing commercial and residential real estate is all about.  There is potentially good money to be had in that arena.  Come hear about the successes from both Landlord and Tenant side of the equation, while you , the broker can make money, no matter, what the marketplace.


Brian Hatkoff, CCIM has seen it all.  Don't miss this presentation.

Metro; Housing, Jobs, Quality of Life... Transportation

February 14, 2020

Broker Ken Dorfman will be covering the latest information on the Metro system planned modifications in the San Fernando Valley

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges - The Fundamentals and How to Find and Create Investor Clients

February 07, 2020

Phil Atwan Senior Vice President Exchange Resources, Inc. shows how how different kinds of 1031's work, how to create more cash flow for the investor, how to create new investor relationships... and more

Plan for Opportunities

January 31, 2020

James Connolly - CEO Chef Consulting How to find business opportunities where there was none before. Build your real estate business by planning to do so.

Hear About Appraisals From an Appraisal Management Company and How Realtors Can Help the Appraisal Process

January 24, 2020

Cindy Nasser COO of PCV Mucor, a Real Estate appraisal management company will be giving valuable information on appraisals, how they're reviewed before being submitted to the lender, and how to avoid issues that can slow down a transaction closing, or blow it up...

Realtor Roundtable: New Years Resolutions

January 17, 2020

Lets share your new years resolutions (personal or business). Expanding your education, modifying your marketing plan, starting or expanding a business...

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that sharing personal goals helps you achieve them. In a Forbes cited a study that suggests writing down and sharing goals with friends boosts your chances of reaching your goals. In the study, those who did not share their goals met their goal less than 50% of the time. Those who did share achieved their goals almost 75% of the time.

We all know how supporting the Outwest attendees area to each other. When more people know about your goal, those people can help to motivate you. Having others know your goals can also keep you accountable and help you to stay on track.

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