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Speaker / Topic Proposal

Use this form to submit a speaker proposal, or requested topic, to the OWMM Education Committee to be added to the meeting's schedule.
Please keep in mind this is an education oriented meeting. Topics will only be accepted if they fit the educational format. Multi level marketing, specific sales pitches of products and services will not be accepted.
During the presentation, speakers may convey their vocation, their expertise in the subject, and how they may fulfill a need, but only within the context of the education.
Within the submission message box below, please enter the following information:
1) The title of the presentation for marketing purposes 
2) Convey an outline of the subject matter
3) How it educates the real estate and/or small business professions
Time allocated for presentations is limited to approx. 20 minutes, including a short post presentation Q&A (if applicable).
Note: Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
Networking is a secondary element of OWMM, but has been very productive for many members. Being a speaker at the meeting can raise a member's profile. Frequent participants in the OWMM will be given priority in acceptance. Non-participants will be accepted, but should bring an expertise and topic that is noteworthy.


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